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Create an early warning system for trends, ensuring first mover advantage as an investor. With SUMMETIX, you can understand what will soon be hot. 


Summarising key data for key decisions

In the complex world of finance, financial companies seek innovative solutions to analyze market trends, assess risks, and identify lucrative investment opportunities for themselves and their clients. 

Summetix provides one of the most innovative solutions available to analyze market trends, assess risks, and identify lucrative investment opportunities. The tool can help you to see where the market is about to move – almost like an early warning system for macro trends.

Set your priorities right

Leverage our tools to gauge market sentiment, identify emerging trends, and assess the impact of news events on asset prices and investor sentiment. Analyse financial news articles, social media posts, and analyst reports to monitor trends and ensure your teams can take appropriate action. Summarise regulatory documents, legal opinions, and compliance reports to ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards — all in minutes. With increased efficiency, you can instead focus on value-added activities such as strategic asset allocation and risk management.

In a world that is flooded with data, access to the relevant pieces of information is essential.

Next Generation Customer Intelligence

  • Use your personalized language model
  • Detect the unknown unknowns
  • Find churn drivers
  • Understand how to win against your competition

How does it Work


Which are pro and con arguments?

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data reduction


Which arguments canb be grouped?

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human performance


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improvement through fine-tuning


Which anomalies arise?

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months earlier


How costly are my product problems to my business?

Directly assess the financial impact of product issues 



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