Marketing and Market Research

Become a relevant business partner to Sales. By complementing your market research with SUMMETIX, you gain insights faster and at a much lower cost than traditional market research. 


Current situation

In Market Research, you must balance speed and accuracy. Work fast, and there is a risk the insights are not deep enough. Work thoroughly, and it is likely the market has moved on by the time you get the results.

Even when you get the balance right, you still risk research bias based on the questions you ask. Meaning you may only find what you are looking for.

Innovation by Argument-Mining

SUMMETIX’ ground-breaking approach solves this issue. The tool allows for in-depth analysis of customer comments. Compared to traditional surveys, Argument Mining enables unbiased, faster and cheaper gathering of insights by condensing large amounts of data. And this up to 1000 times faster than a human reader.

By taking any data source and clustering the data as is, you get a good view of what is actually happening in the data. Without bias from market research questions. This helps you to discover patterns that you otherwise would have missed.

Market Research

Competitor Analysis

Tech and Innovation Trends

Marketing and Market Research

Identify common customer needs

By discovering patterns earlier, you can quickly understand what in your product offering drives customer value.

With better customer understanding, you can push the right buttons in your messaging.

With this capability from Summetix, you become a business partner to both product and sales teams.

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SUMMETIX turns data into actionable insights

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