Consumer Goods

Understand feedback and pick up on consumer trends much earlier than today. SUMMETIX can make consumer intelligence become a relevant part of your product lifecycle management 


FMCG and beyond

No matter whether your business is Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, or more cyclical offerings, summetix helps you understand your business, customers, and industry faster than what is possible today.

Summetix helped a client detect issues with a premium consumer product six months earlier compared to their usual internal approach. This through detecting negative comments earlier in their own customer feedback data.

Innovation by argument mining

Say goodbye to meaningless word clouds and marketing research that tells you what you already know. By clustering similar language, without researcher bias, patterns and issues are uncovered earlier compared to current analytical methods.

Through shortening the time between data, insights, and ultimately action – you are put firmly in control of your decisions. In an FMCG environment, it means you can not only act faster on feedback – you can also pick up on consumer trends much earlier.

In a world that is flooded with data, access to the relevant pieces of information is essential.

Next Generation Customer Intelligence

  • Use your personalized language model
  • Detect the unknown unknowns
  • Find churn drivers
  • Understand how to win against your competition

How does it Work


Which are pro and con arguments?

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data reduction


Which arguments canb be grouped?

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human performance


Which groups occur with which product?

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improvement through fine-tuning


Which anomalies arise?

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months earlier


How costly are my product problems to my business?

Directly assess the financial impact of product issues 



What Our Clients Have To Say​

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