summetix uses Argument Mining and large language models to discover hidden insights in your customers' feedback and to monitor and discover tech and innovation trends.

Persona Customer Feedback
Consumer Intelligence

Understand your customers in depth and breadth

Persona Market Research
Market Research

Understand trends and discover new topics

Persona Scientific Research
Scientific Research

Mine arguments in scientific content

Next Generation Customer Intelligence

  • More than Sentiment

    Our argument mining based technology discovers truly actionable insights.

  • Insights in Seconds

    We reduce the amount of text you need to screen by 90%.

  • World-class Performance

    We read at least a 1000x faster than humans, but have human-level accuracy.

All Feedback Channels on a Single Platform

  • Reduce customer feedback

    In the first step, customer feedback is reduced to the core information, i.e. meaningful statements about specific error patterns, but also the strengths of a product.

  • Cluster similar statements

    In the next step, similar groups of such statements are combined into clusters containing repeatedly mentioned product problems and strengths.

  • Generate insights

    Clusters are then correlated with customer feedback metadata like a production date, a product line, or sales market. Based on this, our customers can prepare or adapt specific actions for product development and improvement or communication campaigns up to 6 months earlier.


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summetix GmbH (formerly known as ArgumenText) is a Spin-Off of the Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. The technology behind summetix is based on several years of intense research in multiple areas of Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Argument Mining. The results have been published in top-tier scientific venues. Below is an overview of the most important components of our system.

Monitoring and trend Discovery
Monitoring and Trend Discovery

Scalable infrastructures process huge amounts of textual data in record time. Details in:

Available for multiple languages
Available for multiple languages

Multilingual models are available for your language-dependent document collections. Details in:

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Latest News
Sep 8, 2023 Recent Job Openings

summetix currently has multiple job openings, among others we are looking for fullstack developers, sales assisstance and working students (IT and business support). If you're interesting in working with us, get in touch via jobs@summetix.com.

Aug 8, 2023 summetix is Frankfurt Forward's Startup of the Month (August)

summetix has been named Startup of the Month August 2023 by Frankfurt Forward. As a project of the Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt, Frankfurt Forward promotes the further development of innovation and digitalization in Frankfurt am Main.

Jul 13, 2023 Publication alert: Crowdsourcing on Sensitive Data with Privacy-Preserving Text Rewriting

Most tasks in NLP require labeled data. In this recently published paper (at the 17th Linguistic Annotation Workshop held in conjunction with ACL 2023), we investigate how removing personally identifiable information as well as applying differential privacy rewriting enables using crowdsourcing for text with privacy-relevant information.

Jul 4, 2023 Event alert: summetix at this year's AICon in Darmstadt

summetix will be at this year's Hessian AICon in Darmstadt! On July 6th we will show you how you can combine Argument Mining and Chat-GPT to avoid hallucinations and how summetix uses AI technology to inform world-leading companies about product problems six months earlier than before.

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